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A pioneer in apprentice training

Diego Cassol, a tender 16 years old and in his first year of apprenticeship as a car body mechanic, is the world’s youngest high-voltage technician officially certified by Tesla – not only as a result of his thirst for knowledge, but also thanks to targeted support from his apprentice company.


Party mode on: up close and personal with Tesla in 2023

“We wanted to present our company in detail to all our customers and interested parties and therefore organized this open day,” says Francesco Greco. He and his brother Adriano spared no expense or effort to achieve this. And invited the “Tesla Owners Club” and the Tesla Center from St. Gallen as special guests.


Electric cars are booming in Thurgau

Nowhere in Switzerland were so many electric cars newly redeemed as in Thurgau. Every tenth new car is electric. The canton awards 4000 Swiss Francs in subsidies for each purchase of an electric car.


Free 2022 Vignette

When a windscreen is repaired or replaced, you will receive a 2022 vignette. Call us 071 966 26 76 or drop in. We take care of all the clarifications with your insurance company, so that you do not have a lot of work.


GRECO takes over Plankl

With quality into the future

We go one step further and have taken over Carrosserie Plankl AG in Wittenbach.


Only let professionals work on your tesla

“Not everyone with an impact wrench in their hand knows what to do with it.”


Swiss-wide wheel repair

“Felgen Gorilla” is an offer from us. We repair wheel damage within 48 hours with the most modern machines. Send us an enquiry with photos of your wheels. You will receive a quote shortly.


Our washing centre

For a top-up amount of CHF 100, you will receive CHF 110 on your subscription chip*

Get your subscription chip and benefit from a 10% discount today. *One-off purchase price CHF 10.-


Electromobility – When there’s a damage, it’s best to go to GRECO

What to do if the electric or hybrid car has accident damage? You take it to one of the most modern specialist companies in Switzerland. GRECO Carrosserie + Spritzwerk AG in Sirnach, which is certified by Tesla, among others, specialises in the repair of vehicles with high-voltage technology of all makes. Adriano & Francesco Greco, members of the management and co-owners in the second generation, in an interview.


Under the magnifying glass – report

GRECO Carrosserie + Autospritzwerk AG inaugurated a new location in Sirnach TG at the beginning of September. It is supposed to be the beginning of a new era and realises a “New Way of Working”.