Front windscreens

Not every windscreen needs to be replaced after a stone chip, because in many cases we can repair such damage quickly and inexpensively with our selective windscreen repair service.







All-round service

In addition to the quick repair of minor damage or the replacement of the windscreen, our services also include clarifying all details with your insurance company. If required, we will of course provide you with a replacement car.

Spot repair

Even if there is minor damage to the windscreen, you should not wait too long to have it repaired. Because temperature changes or vibrations can quickly tear the entire windscreen. A spot repair provides a solution.

Your advantages:

  • fast repair time
  • no need to remove the defective window
  • cost-effective repair solution
  • same safety standard as a new window

Replacement of entire vehicle windows

If it turns out that a selective repair is not possible, our top priority is: maximum safety. Depending on the damage, our work services in this case include the replacement of front, rear or side windows.

Your advantages:

  • one day repair time
  • comprehensive quality control
  • handling with the insurance company
  • original equipment quality windscreens
  • precise installation of the new windscreen
  • new vignette


Whether it’s a spot repair or a windscreen replacement – we recommend defining a cost framework for both types of work. We will also be happy to clarify the details with your insurance company for you. Depending on the insurance (comprehensive or partial), it will cover the costs. If necessary, we will provide you with a replacement car for the duration of the repair.


Contact us for a non-binding offer. We are looking forward to helping you.