Driving assistance calibration

Intelligent systems are part of most new cars today. With the help of sensors and cameras, they help to make road traffic safer.


safely on the road


Accident prevention


The best electronic “sense organs” are of no use if they provide false information. For this reason, it is important to check them regularly and to adjust them correctly again if necessary.

Protective effect

Lane departure warning or emergency brake assist, blind spot warning and parking aids are the best-known and most widespread driver assistance systems. With their highly complex sensors and measuring probes, they make driving easier and, above all, safer. However, only if they are properly adjusted and fully functional. Anyone who deliberately forgoes calibration endangers not only themselves but also other road users.

That is why calibration is necessary:

  • Recognising dangers in good time
  • Accident prevention
  • Greater safety for you and others

Our services

Car manufacturers do everything they can to ensure that the various components of a driving assistance system function properly. This also includes adhering to strict rules according to which the systems must be tested and adjusted.

Thanks to continuous training and know-how built up over many years, your car is in good hands with us. We know the regulations according to which we have to calibrate your vehicle and we know the legal requirements.

Your advantages:

  • More protection in road traffic
  • Calibration according to original manufacturer’s specifications
  • Accurate and fast work thanks to digital calibration panel

You want to be safer on the road?

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